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Good life goals

Take action towards the climate

Clean the seas and oceans

Come together to make tommorow better than today

Do good, ethical, honest work.

Help reduce and end Poverty.

Improve the around you and innovate

Learn more and teach more

Love and value nature

Love where you live

Mainstream clean energy

Promote peace actively

Reduce inequalities

Save water and use it efficiently

Treat everyone equally

Ensure healthy lives and romote well eing for every one of everyage

Give back to the planet as much as you take, live better and innovate ways to help it

Achieve food security and help end hunger by improvin nutrition an encouraging

Blue Mission

Blue Mission is a non-political/non-sectarian NGO based in Saida, Lebanon, seeking to promote a culture of peace on ever...


About Jusoor Jusoor was founded in June 2011, is a non-governmental organization1 whose mission is to bring together and...

Service De L'enfant Au Foyer

Our Mission SEF (Service de l’Enfant au Foyer) is a Lebanese non-profit organization that provides quality comprehe...

Just Care

Just Care is a non-profit organization founded for the purpose of helping families, from one family to another, after on...


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