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Good life goals

Our “Good Life Goals” filter helps you look for volunteer opportunities based on the type of long-term impact you would like to have within your community . Our option to personalize your volunteer experience is What sets us apart, because we believe volunteering should be honest, meaningful,fruitful,and efficient. You can now select the Good Life Goal that resonate with you and fit your vision for a better future. Check it out,browse through and apply to the opportunities that align with your goals. Share your talent and skills ,own your impact.

Take action towards the climate

Clean the seas and oceans

Come together to make tommorow better than today

Do good, ethical, honest work.

Help reduce and end Poverty.

Improve the around you and innovate

Learn more and teach more

Love and value nature

Love where you live

Mainstream clean energy

Promote peace actively

Reduce inequalities

Save water and use it efficiently

Treat everyone equally

Ensure healthy lives and romote well eing for every one of everyage

Give back to the planet as much as you take, live better and innovate ways to help it

Achieve food security and help end hunger by improvin nutrition an encouraging

Association Filhos De Bimba Lebanon

Association Filhos De Bimba-Lebanon, is a local NGO on a mission to catalyze social change through Capoeira for resident...


Thaki is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower refugee and vulnerable children with extremely limited edu...


Founded in 1960, IRAP provides educational care and support for deaf children and young people with learning difficultie...

Sports with Shatila Youth

A grass-root initiative to interact with youth in Shatila refugee camp, Beirut. In collaboration with Palestine Youth Cl...


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