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If you are an aspiring volunteer, you need to create an account to access a long list of possible volunteering opportunities. This will entail filling out the details just ONCE. The profile is essential to keep track of our users and ensure quality and accuracy. After creating a profile, the system will automatically recommend possible volunteering opportunities based on your preferences and a series of tags. As a volunteer, you should apply for every opportunity you would like to be part of. After applying for a listing, the system will automatically transfer your profile to the organization indicating your request. Based on your profile, the organization can approve or reject your request. Once it is approved, the system will put you in touch with the organization by sharing their contact details in an email. After that, it is up to you and the organization to decide on the initial meeting date and logistics.


If you are an organization in need of volunteers, you need to create an Organization Profile. This will entail filling out the details just ONCE. After the profile is approved, you can post as many listings as you want by clicking on “Add a listing”. You can create listings whenever you need. Once you receive an email that a volunteer is interested in working with you, you can approve or reject the request based on the profile of the user. Following your approval, kindly proceed with deciding on the details together. Your profile will also appear on our directory, which is technically a yellow pages for active organizations in Lebanon.

A listing is a single volunteer opportunity described by an organization. One organization can have several listings for different volunteer roles.

To avoid profile duplication or one applicant accessing the website from different profiles, you will require approval from the web developers in order to alter your profile name.

To ensure the volunteer match is accurate, we request as many details as possible from the user to ensure that they are qualified to support your organization. If after the initial meeting, the organization is not satisfied with the volunteer, you are free to terminate the agreement, unclick the paired listing, and the listing will appear again on the website as long as the duration is valid. The volunteer will ONLY get linked to your organization once you approve (after which, your contact details will be shared, and an automatic email will be sent to both you and the volunteer).

After you have completed the registration process, you can review the volunteer opportunities available in the platform, and then apply for the opportunity that is appropriate for you based on the interests and capabilities that you have added to your account during the registration process.

Your selection period depends on the organization itself. After reviewing your application, the organization may call you or request a meeting in order to evaluate that you match the role that you applied for. 


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