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A 60 seconds pitch from the heart of our visionMalak Yacout

A 60 seconds pitch from the heart of our vision

by Malak Yacout

“Are you sure your idea is unique? Yes indeed. It is a very efficient and personalized solution that makes everyone feel like their impact matters.” 


On Saturday, October 5, 2019, The Volunteer Circle took part in the Changemaker Festival to connect with local, regional, and global change makers and to share The Volunteer Circle’s concept and platform with the wider community. We also spontaneously signed up for the idea2impact competition and presented our idea in 60 seconds exactly to the Women Leaders Council (WLC) who were personally supporting five winners with 1,000$ each to bring their idea to life and make a difference in their communities. 


We were proud to be amongst many brilliant ideas shortlisted; one comes to mind particularly that involves the production of notebooks, journals, and different kinds of print using alternative fibers other than paper. A quick pitch later and we were lucky to go through to the following round as one of the judges pressed the buzzer…“Are you sure your idea is unique?” she asked.


I must say, this particular question was not expected, but our response flowed from the heart of our vision. At the Volunteer Circle, we strive to leave no one behind and empower every individual to find their role in the community outside the realm of work, business, or influential power. So far, we have mobilized 1700 volunteers, worked with more than 100 organizations, and facilitated more than 1000 matches between NGOs, start-ups, social enterprises - and volunteers.

Our mission is to turn local challenges into opportunities. In an arena for exchanging progressive ideas, we have a story and we are humbled to have gained the hearts and minds of many, from volunteers, to community partners, and, in this case, the WLC who combined the five rewards into ONE and are joining forces with us to be part of our story and help us make a bigger change.  


I would like to dedicate this win to everybody. The entire event sought out change makers, and The Volunteer Circle is only just starting to make a significant impact thanks to the commitment, skills, and passion of our members. For the love of this country and people like you, there is no better home for the Volunteer Circle than Lebanon. Are you ready to be part of an ever-growing circle?




Special thank you to the HultPrize Team and the 5 WLC members who are supporting this initiative: Mrs. Madiha Raslan (President of WLC, Owner at Darling’s Touch), Mrs. Isabelle Mansour (Head of Communications, Blom Bank), Dr. Joumana Alame (Pediatric, Clemenceau Medical Center), Mrs. Nadine Khoury (Partner, Robinson Agri) and Mrs. Lamice Joujou (CEO, Dent de Lait).


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