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You too, can reduce hunger!Malak Yacout

You too, can reduce hunger!

by Malak Yacout

Today, October 16, is World Food Day.

From World Food Day to the national crisis, we hope you followed along the action to get inspired with all the steps you can take to reduce hunger. There are many facets to advancing this Good Life Goal, and one of them is sharing your meal with underprivileged humans. After cooking with Aline, who volunteered her time and skills, from the comfort of her own kitchen, our team of volunteers passed the love she poured into her casseroles of Moughrabieh and Bazella w Rez, to soup kitchens where 35 people equally enjoyed a home-cooked meal. Then, we went out to Bourj Hammoud, Nabaa, Sin el Fil, Dora, etc. looking for people who have been left behind on the streets, for almost 3 decades now. As we toured to share a meal with them, we learned that each one of us seeks something different from this life, yet what we all unite over is the need to belong, the need to be part of a wider Circle, the need to fit in. Amjad, whose new roof is Jisr El Wati, expressed it so well: “الناس بتسأل عن الناس”. And so, the ultimate expression of generosity is not giving of what you have, but in giving of who you are. This is not exclusively about reducing hunger, this is also about promoting well-being for everyone at every age. Wherever you live, you can do the same. Reach out to us if you’d like to make the Circle bigger in your own community. 


Apply to volunteer on our website. Join The Circle. 

P.S. This initiative is is collaboration with Lebanese Food Bank, Mission Village, No Garlic No Onions and Picon Lebanon. You can always find our World Food Day tour, pinned to our Story highlights on Instagram. Join The Circle so you can be a part of it next time. 


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