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What if you could stay safe and stay sane at the same time?Nathalie Okdeh

What if you could stay safe and stay sane at the same time?

by Nathalie Okdeh

As the intensity of the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 increases, our mental health stands at risk alongside our physical health. While staying at home is helping us tackle this pandemic, it also seems to be testing our sanity. So how can we stay safe and yet sane at the same time?

Here is my answer for you: VOLUNTEERING!

While we all know how much of a big role volunteers play in supporting organizations and initiatives, we seem to forget how beneficial this is for the volunteers themselves. As a volunteer, you’re not only helping someone else but you’re being “helped” too. It’s a win-win situation.

Speaking from personal experience, before I volunteered my productivity was nonexistent. Even though I had a ton of studying to do but I couldn’t find the motivation to actually do anything, let alone study. I felt so low on energy and, honestly, felt absolutely useless amid everything happening. Everything was escalating so quickly as I sat at home watching it all unfold believing I couldn’t do anything.

Having heard of The Volunteer Circle before, I checked their website to see if I can find any opportunity that I like - and I did! It was that easy. I volunteered with Peace First and I am now working on my own project that aims to spread mental health awareness during these tough times. Let me tell you, with zero exaggeration, that volunteering and taking initiative improved my mood big time. Not only was I working on my own project but I felt more in control and useful, and my productivity skyrocketed. 

In this picture you can see the behind the scenes of the project. The process of taking notes, planning and organizing is so exciting you can’t help but want to keep working. Because of this positive change, I am now on the constant lookout for new volunteering opportunities.

So, my question to you is: if you have the opportunity to help someone, make a change within your community, and also benefit on a personal level, why not do it?

You can volunteer online or in the field (while taking the necessary safety precautions, of course). There’s an opportunity for everyone and anyone on The Volunteer Circle's website... If you don’t believe me, check for yourself.

Don’t worry if you’ve never volunteered before! There is a first time for everything. I had never volunteered but was still able to find something that not only suited me but also had an immense positive impact on my life.



Nathalie is fascinated by how the body functions and believes understanding human behavior helps her help people. Devoted to spreading awareness about mental health, she is constantly either reading, writing or advocating the importance of mental health especially during these challenging times.


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